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Here I am

Always an avid reader and writer, it was suggested to me that I start a blog. Seriously!? With almost a half a billion blogs in the world, why on earth would I want to throw my writings into the mix? Well, apparently, diving into the blogosphere is about the only way to get any attention, albeit, random and against the odds. With my children grown and “my time” recouped, I’m officially dipping my toes into the ocean of blogs.

With my toes wet, what do I do with all my newly found empty-nesting freedom? I write. My latest writing endeavors include news articles for Blasting News and blog posts for Design Ideas. Thanks to them for giving me the opportunity to publish my work after essentially being recluse these last 25 years while raising my children. I have also jumped into the freelance community through Upwork and Flexjobs. However, these sites have not provided as many opportunities as I initially thought they would. Of course, it is my hope that this path will eventually lead to my ultimate goal of self-publishing books. Ask anyone that knows me; I always have plenty to say. I just don’t necessarily have the confidence to follow through when it comes to putting my words to paper or monitor. Sadly, writing is one of those crafts where you can throw your heart and soul into a project to literally have it shredded before your eyes in mere seconds. Nothing like a big fat rejection letter to boost one’s ego!

I have fought these demons within myself long enough. So, here I am world. Me and my writing. Unabated, unapologetic, and unbroken. If I find an audience, great! If I don’t, that’s okay too. I really do not mind solitude; unless I am at a party, then it’s a problem!

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