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Dear Inspiration

Dear Inspiration,

It has been a while since we have crossed paths. I’m not sure what went wrong that caused you to leave my thoughts. I was proud of what we had and never spoke ill of you until recently. I have called out for you in some of the most unique corners of the earth, not even to receive a hint of your existence. Did you come across an intellect worthier than mine? Or perhaps you weren’t feeling as appreciated as you should have been?

From the bottom of my heart, I apologize for having taken you for granted. I admit, I thought you would forever be waiting with genuine anticipation to be summoned. If you could only see your way back into my mind, I would be eternally grateful. I promise to cherish you and never speak harshly of you again, not even to myself. Without my beloved inspiration, I am but a shell of an artist.

Please send this soul a fleeting sign if you ever happen back this way. I really do miss you and hope for your swift return.


Your Desperate Writer

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