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Instant Pot-Guilty of Instant Dinner Disasters

Just about everyone I know these days has one of the electric pressure cookers. As a chef and die-hard kitchen gadget junkie, I have taken the opportunity to try mine out on several occasions with recipes for hard boiled eggs, chicken breasts, and soup which have all turned out fantastic. Where I have run into to some serious misfortune is pasta. My attempts at spaghetti in the Instant Pot have turned into an almost instant disaster. Not long in the cooking process, my pot illuminates the word BURN. That can never be good.

Once the cooker is opened I witness the destruction done to my family’s dinner. At first glance everything appears okay, semi-cooked noodles floating with relative freedom about the spaghetti sauce. However, upon further inspection, I notice the majority of said free-floating noodles are actually anchored to the bottom of the insert. These poor charred bits crying out from their encasement of baked-on sauce is a sad, sad foodie moment.

Yes, I read the user booklet that came with the unit, and yes, I am still left to wonder why my spaghetti attempts are failures. According to the internet, every other instant pot owner can make spaghetti with their cookers and have photos to prove their superiority. Is there some insane off-the-wall trick I am not privy to? Some secret spaghetti society I haven’t been given the invite to join? Why is mine hell-bent on making my life and dinner time so miserable? All questions to ponder while scrubbing my instant pot insert AGAIN, argh. Guess it’s takeout tonight.

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