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New Book Release: Toenail Soup

The book, Toenail Soup by C. M. Walsh was released today. It is a positive story formatted in an early reader chapter book. The story is about Joey Martin who is a typical second grader, except for one thing. He loves toenail soup. He loves that it smells like feet. Just a whiff of the soup would turn everyone around Joey off. No one would taste it. After his best friends tell the other kids at school how weird Joey is because he likes toenail soup, he is teased by the children every day. Joey knows he has to get them to try the soup, somehow, some way. He has to show them the soup is delicious, and he isn't really that weird, but how?

This book is a positive story that will leave the reader feeling good and inspired. Toenail Soup is the first children's book for author C. M. Walsh and has received five-star reviews and the Reader's Favorite award. It is currently available in both Ebook and paperback through Amazon and other online retailers. The audiobook is scheduled for a November release.

FYI, the book contains the recipe for Toenail Soup, Enjoy!

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